With three modern, distinctive vessels, A-ROSA strive to provide a modern interpretation of the timeless tradition of European river-cruising. They promise a 'from culture to nature' experience, highlighting both the best of the cities they visit and the wonderful countryside in between, stopping at strategic points to allow guests the true feel of the regions they are passing through.

Signature culinary experiences are also a key part of each voyage, showcasing high-quality local cuisines in a relaxing open-seating environment (both indoor and outdoor). Wellness and Spa cruises are another feature, and each vessel sports modern, high-tech fitness equipment, as well as the opportunity to be as relaxed and indulgent as desired.

Once again, they are all-inclusive on board, on the three main river-cruise areas of Europe, catering from 174-202 passengers in larger-than-average cabins, many with French balconies and some with family-friendly sofa-beds.

WHERE DO THEY GO: Rhine, Danube, Rhone, Saone.



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