River Cruising is 'trendy', it's official...


River Cruising is 'trendy', it's official...

River Cruising is 'trendy', it's official...

And as the demand for river cruises in Europe swells too, with fourteen new ships for 2013 alone, it's not hard to see why.

Another area of travel that is set to expand is the 'all-inclusive' offering, with shore excursions, drinks and other holiday elements being thrown into the cruise price upfront. So with these two factors above very much in vogue for the coming year, it should be an abolsute winning formula for luxury and boutique river cruise operator, Uniworld River Cruises, who will combine both to introduce all-inclusive river cruises in Europe in 2014.

Uniworld currently offers certain inclusions, some drinks, decent wine and beer served with lunch and dinner onboard,  hosted shore excursions etc, but 2014 will see much more fully included and unlimited too.

We wonder what will come next, we think it will be more partnerships on the river to emulate the new wealth of partnerships at sea. 'Dancing on Ice on the Danube'???


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