Launch Month Is Here!


Launch Month Is Here!

Launch Month Is Here!

There are no less than 32 new European river-cruise vessels being launched in the space of the next few months. All the main operators have at least one, and Viking River Cruises lead the way with their world-record 16-ship launch on March 17/18 (and another two a few days later!).

It is an amazing – and unprecedented – array of new hardware for the European river-cruise business, and it offers a fabulous choice for something new in 2014, notably with new line Emerald Waterways (above), who make their debut in early April.

Here is the full list, starting with the 18 new Viking vessels (NB: The exact names and dates of their multi-ship naming have yet to be confirmed, but this is our best guess-timate).

Viking Cruises

Viking Delling – Mar 17, Amsterdam

Viking Ingvi – Mar 17, Amsterdam

Viking Lif – Mar 17, Amsterdam

Viking Alsvin – Mar 17, Amsterdam

Viking Bestla  – Mar 17, Amsterdam

Viking Eistla – Mar 17, Amsterdam

Viking Gullveig – Mar 17, Amsterdam

Viking Kvasir – Mar 17, Amsterdam

Viking Alsvin – Mar 17, Amsterdam

Viking Buri – Mar 18, Avignon

Viking Heimdal – Mar 18, Avignon

Viking  Hermod– Mar 18, Avignon

Viking Hlin – Mar 18, Rostock

Viking Idi – Mar 18, Rostock

Viking Kara – Mar 18, Rostock

Viking Torgil – Mar 18, Rostock

Viking Hemming – Mar 21, Porto

Viking Torgil – Mar 21, Porto

Avalon Waterways

 Avalon Impression – Mar 22, Dordrecht

Avalon Poetry II – Mar 22, Dordrecht

Avalon Illumination – Jun 23, Vienna

AMA Waterways

AmaReina – Mar 24, Amsterdam

AmaSonata – Jul 22, Vilshofen


SS Catherine – Mar 26, Lyon


MS Lafayette – Mar 28, Strasbourg

MS Madeleine – Mar 28, Strasbourg

MS Anne-Marie – Mar 28, Strasbourg


MS Inspire – Apr 3, Basel

MS Savor – Jun 21, Rudesheim


Emerald Star – Apr 9, Amsterdam

Emerald Sky  - Jun 27, TBC

Riviera Travel

MS William Shakespeare – May, TBC

Scenic Tours

Scenic Jade – May, TBC

Scenic Gem – July, TBC

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