Why River? I'm a first-timer!


Why River? I'm a first-timer!

Why River? I'm a first-timer!

The chances are, anyone who's never cruised before will offer some kind of resistance to the very notion of holidaying on water. That is basically a fact and no matter how much the cruise operators invest in marketing to a younger audience, cruising in general remains a relatively mature choice and finds its traditional reputation hard to shift too! Afternoon teas, blue rinses and 'carry on' films remain common themes in the 'newbie's' defence strategy.

This is not good news for river cruising because it tars something quite different with an ocean ready, super-sized brush! 

To establish the true opportunities a river cruise can bring to someone new to the concept, I think you really have to reverse engineer the proposition. Meaning, let's not begin the discussion with Mrs New on a watery footing (or mooring); let's being with the objectives they seek in their holiday to Europe. 

Are you looking for a holiday that will immerse you in the tradition and culture of Europe's great places and its lesser know one's too? Do you want to get into the very heart of Europe and see the sites up close? Do you want to gently glide through your holiday in peace and harmony with the comforts you expect but an element of adventure and romance thrown in for good measure too?

I'm confident we have had 3 big old yes's so far so it's time to begin edging toward the river bank now. The next one is not even a question; we shall assume that eating well in well appointed restaurants is desirable. So what about the hotel then, would you like a comfortable and modern hotel that actually follows you around on your holiday so that you only have to unpack one?

At this point Mrs New is looking at you as if you have gone slightly 'off the beaten track' to use a cruising term! Still, the notion, however far-fetched, is appealing never-the-less.

And of course you'd be very happy if the major sights of the places you visit are a short walk or well organised trip away from the hotel itself?

Well, after this line of questioning, it's time to introduce the concept of river cruising in Europe and then, you can really start selling in the amazing itineraries, boats and experiences on offer in 2013! 

How can you not sell that?!?

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