More Britons enjoy the river cruising experience


More Britons enjoy the river cruising experience

More Britons enjoy the river cruising experience

The number of Brits taking a river cruise grew by more than a fifth last year, to almost 110,000 passengers.

Figures released today by CLIA UK & Ireland, the voice of the cruise industry, show an increase of 22% in passenger numbers in 2013. Europe is the preferred destination, accounting for 83% of river cruises compared to 50% in 2009

The growth on Europe’s rivers was underpinned by a significant increase in the number of new cruise ships. Twenty-seven ships were introduced in 2012-3 taking the total to 260, with 24 more on the way.

The Rhine, Danube and Moselle rivers and their tributaries are the most popular accounting for 52% of all UK passengers. However, the Rhone, Seine and the River Elbe are all seeing double digit growth.

Andy Harmer, director CLIA UK & Ireland, said: “Europe’s phenomenal growth as a river cruise destination for UK passengers clearly shows how the industry has transformed the passenger experience in recent years.

“New, more modern ships, coupled with an ever-widening choice of destinations, are opening up Europe to a whole new generation of river cruisers.”

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